Core Values

Tire Discounters Core Values:

1. Take the time to do it right.   

We take extra steps to ensure each install is done properly. Hand-torqueing per national MAP guidelines, sanding hubs so mating surface is clear for a tight fit, alignment with every 4-tire standard installation… FREE. It takes longer but
when it comes to doing things right, we believe it is worth the wait... because at 70 MPH, every detail matters.

2. Earn it.

We hustle. We believe that a customer knows we value their time and their business when they see it with their own eyes. We don’t believe we deserve their business. We believe we need to earn it. Every day.

3. Treat every customer like our brother or sister.

We do anything we can for our customers. We go out of our way for them like holding open a door, educating not selling and personal calls the day after every service to check up on them. But, we can also be trusted to tell it to them straight when they need to hear it too.

4. Status quo, status schmo.

Competitiveness is in our blood. We like to grow fast (doubled our size in the past 4 years!) and up our game at every turn. It might be messy sometimes but we are scrappy and have a bias for action. We try new things and seek to optimize over time.

5. Serious about standards. 

We seek every day to be the neighborhood tire and service store, with big britches on. We remain the reliable, approachable mainstay in the community, but don’t you think we are resting on our laurels, we are also the best qualified group around! #1 Tire company 12 years running* (*City Beat, 2020), ASE Blue Ribbon Seal, National MAP member, and 100+ training opportunities every year at Tire Discounters University (TDU) show we take our qualifications seriously. …even if we don’t always take ourselves too seriously.

6. Really listen and respond.

The entire TD Leadership team is sent ALL customer comments (good or bad) each morning, including Chip. General Managers are required to touch base with every customer, ensuring they are happy with their service and inviting feedback. We relish the opportunity to respond to both the positive and negative comments - thanking our loyal customers and jumping to address any issues.

7. We won't love you and leave you.

Free Alignment and Free Lifetime Tire Maintenance are critical pillars of our business. These are not “promotions.” They are critical components of how we ensure each customers gets the longest life out of any tire they purchase from us.


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