tire discounters store 1 history

The minute Chip Wood opened the doors to the first Tire Discounters, he began raising the bar for the tire business.  He brought a sorely needed higher standard of integrity to the business.  40 years ago, each and every tire dealer lured people in with a low tire price, and then charged extra for essential services like mounting and balancing. Some even charged for each individual wheel weight used for tire balancing!  Not a very honest approach, is it? 

So Chip decided to follow his instinct and focus on transparency in pricing in tandem with a higher standard of service.  People loved it. 

And that’s the simple reason why we do what we do.  Our founder’s higher standards still inform every single service and sale.  Today, Chip’s children are carrying on the traditions of their father in our family-owned and operated business. 

Chip puts it this way: “All their lives, Steven, Anna and Evan have been watching me handle my customers and their cars with care and respect.  I can’t think of anything more rewarding than entrusting my sons and daughter to continue with my customer care, and funny enough, in many cases for the sons and daughters of the very customers I helped!”

Thanks Chip.  (And we’d say that even if you weren’t the boss.)