Why Tire Discounters

Tire Discounters wants to give you the best possible customer service with the purchase of your tires. Our "Out The Door With More" services extend the life and maximize the performance of your tires. We strongly advise customers not to purchase tires as a "carry out" as it minimizes our ability to serve you and your tires properly.

We reserve the right to suspend sales of products when the product or pricing is listed in error, until the correct information is posted on this site. We make every attempt to ensure that all prices and products on our site are kept up to date. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, mistakes do happen. So we ask your indulgence on the rare occasion that some details slip through the cracks. And we sincerely thank the customers who take the time to notify us about these errors.

Thank you for understanding and, as always, thanks for being a Tire Discounters customer!